Design Modul storage 2+1

The openwork furniture, double 4S-CAR06 has 3 levels of storage 2 with doors valve (or 4 doors). This presentation has all the advantages of a storage cabinet since it has 4 full closed storage spaces and 2 open boxes on the upper part of the cabinet for storing books or objects .
Become a cult piece of furniture, this furniture is both functional and design but also elegant. Its steel panels joined together by a joining node system in chrome, shows the technical skill and the quality of the design work.
This furniture can be used in a lobby, entrance, office or bedroom place ... none can resist him. His ability to blend in public or private spaces is limitless thanks to the timeless and unobtrusive design of this furniture .
Dimensions: L152,90 x P40,40 x H118,10 cm
10 colors selection

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