OUTLINE is a rare example of an elegant lounge sofa. Contrasting its spacious volume, OUTLINE appears delicate and sophisticated. This is due to the simple and well-considered design from beginning to end - a sharp frame, slim armrests, and slender back cushions, maximizing the area available for sitting. The discreet legs are tucked under the base, giving the sofa a hovering, almost weightless look - which will complement, rather than dominate any interior space.
Making neither visual, nor functional compromises, renowned Norwegian architect and design studio Anderssen & Voll have tactically and meticulously designed the OUTLINE sofa series. The result is an inviting, modern, and versatile sofa with a timeless character, functioning equally as well in the middle of a room as it does against a wall. OUTLINE makes design references to 20th century Danish Modern Design and with its embracing form and adamant quality, will contribute to the ambiance of any home.